what is aquaponics

What is Aquaponics?

The definition of aquaponics is in its name – it is a combination of AQUAculture (the growing of fish) and hydroPONICS (the growing of vegetables and herbs). Aquaponics is a perfect example of sustainable food production, and many people are turning to this system of home food growing. Using aquaponics to grow your food will save you lots of money…

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aquaponics salt

Aquaponics Salt -How Much to Add

Many people add salt to their aquaponics system and you may be thinking of doing the same. The practice of adding salt in Aquaponics has its pros and cons, and if you decide to use salt you should do so carefully. Aquaponics salt may ruin your system if not optimized The main purpose of adding salt in Aquaponics is for…

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aquaponic system

Aquaponic System-5 Things You Should Consider

Setting up an aquaponic system, although quite an easy task, requires some basic knowledge of aquaponics. If you have decided to install such a system in your house, then you probably know what this is and how it could help you. However, there may still be things which can interest or help you. Below you will find 5 essential things…

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build aquaponics sytem

Aquaponics How To- Build DIY Aquaponics System

The concept of an aquaponics systems is based on recycling, the whole process is simple and also budget friendly. All the water used by fish is considered to be really rich in all types of nutrients. The water is given on the plants that grow very properly with all of these nutrients. After utilising all the nutrients in water, the…

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An aquaponics how to build aquaponicsDIY system,gardening,fish

An Aquaponics How To- Build Aquaponics DIY system with Fish

An aquaponics is a hybrid gardening formula combining aquaculture and hydroponics which grows your vegetables two times faster than conventional gardening methods. It is also dead easy to do. Aquaponics is a way of growing both fish and vegetables together with very little effort on your part. Once set up, this is a system where the aquaponics fish and the…

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